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Hayton & Mealo Parish Council

Hayton & Mealo Parish Council – Complaints Procedure

Hayton & Mealo Parish Council takes complaints seriously. All complaints about the Council, a Councillor or the Clerk must be submitted in writing using the attached proforma to the Clerk

Mr T Gear

Clerk to Hayton & Mealo Parish Council

c/o 17 Speckled Wood Drive



e-mail: hayton.mealopc@hotmail.com   

Should the complaint be against the Clerk the complaint can be sent to the Chairman.

All complaints will be dealt with in accordance with National Association of Local Councils Legal Topic Note (LTN9E).

Complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 5days of receipt, indicate the person appointed to investigate the complaint together with the anticipated timeframe for investigating the complaint, whether there will be an opportunity for the complainant to make verbal representations and the time frame for determining the complaint.