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Hayton & Mealo Parish Council



The Council has approved Standing Orders and Financial Regulations that set out in detail how financial matters should be dealt with and these are the practice of the Council

Each member of the Council and each new member is provided with a copy of the model Code of Conduct as a guide to their obligations as a Parish Councillor

At each Parish Council meeting a schedule of accounts and financial statement is produced so members have up to date information about the Council’s financial position and this statement is recorded in the Council minutes

 Only members of the Council may sign cheques. There must be two signatories to a cheque who are also required to initial the counterfoil. Only emergency payments are made outside of meetings

The Council’s Insurance Policy is checked annually to ensure it provides the correct level fidelity cover. Such cover should be the amount of Council funds held in the bank accounts.

There is no petty cash held by the clerk. Postage etc is to be claimed through the bi-monthly Clerks Account. All payments received are to be given a receipt and the money banked within five working days

All equipment owned by the Council are to be inspected annually to ensure they are in good order

The grass cutting contractor will hold public liability insurance in the sum of at least 5 million pounds.

The clerk’s contract of employment seeks to ensure the relationship between the clerk and council is set out for the benefit of both parties and the clerk is aware of his responsibilities.   

The council is aware of its responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation and is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner.

A risk assessment is carried out annually and informs this Policy

Adopted on 13th March 2019

Signed …………………………….